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The Vietnamese Cultural Center has been mentioned in the press, on the radio and on television. Find here some of the articles published.

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Interview Radio Centre-Ville-Semaines-culturelles-vietnamiennes
The 5th Vietnamese Cultural Weeks

Radio Centre-ville | October 30th, 2023

Autumn Events for the 5th Vietnamese Cultural Weeks. Montreal October 28 to November 25, 2023
Artists from different horizons in inspired and inspiring creations. (from 9:13 min to 21:28 min)

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The 4th Vietnamese Cultural Weeks

Le Téléjournal / September 15, 2022

The Vietnamese Cultural Weeks are held until October 4, an opportunity to discover the contribution of this community rooted for 45 years in Quebec

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Metro Claire Beaugrand Champagne
Claire Beaugrand-Champagne à la Galerie Monkland, de l’Asie à Montréal

Lila Maitre / September 24, 2021

She is considered the first press photographer in Quebec. Claire Beaugrand-Champagne presents until October 10 From Shadow to Light at the Monkland Gallery, located in the Notre-Dame-de-Grâce Cultural Center.

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Le Lien Multimedia
Le Lien Multimedia Entretiens libres
Catherine Emmanuel Brunet animera «Entretiens libres» lors des Semaines culturelles vietnamiennes

Le Lien Multimedia / September 12, 2021

Host Catherine Emmanuel Brunet will once again be at the helm of “Free Talks”, online to present this time photographer Claire Beaugrand-Champagne, journalist Paule Beaugrand-Champagne and historian Nguyen Phi Vân from Saint-Boniface University in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Le Devoir
Le Devoir Le meilleur pays du monde
«Le meilleur pays du monde»: et si ?»

Caroline Chatelard, Le Devoir / September 2021

In 2021, Canada has been voted the best country in the world. At least, this is the ranking of the American magazine U.S. News & WorldReport and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Better quality of life, progressive, professional opportunities… But this is not the Canada that Ky Nam Le Duc depicts in The Best Country in the World, his second feature film.

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LPP Gens du pays
Gens du pays…

André Duchesne La Presse / September 2021

As a harsh winter descends on Quebec, an extreme right-wing government takes power and closes the borders. Two women with little in common, Phuong and Roseline, leave the country and leave behind two men and a boy, Hiên, Alex and Junior. They try to rebuild a family of diversity.

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Station Mont Royal Nenuphars
For lovers of Vietnam


The team of the Vietnamese Cultural Center has put together a beautiful program this year, despite the constraints, for their 2nd edition of the Vietnamese Cultural Week. Painting, comics, cinema, circus and gastronomy are in the spotlight!

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L'initiative Semaines culturelles vietnamiennes
Vietnamese Cultural Week from September 20 to 27, 2019

September 2019

The Vietnamese Cultural Center is pleased to present the first edition of the Vietnamese Cultural Week to be held in Montreal from September 20 to 27. The event highlights the cultural and artistic contribution of the Vietnamese community and celebrates the diversity and complementarity of Quebec society.

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Station Mont Royal culture vietnamienne
Vietnamese culture in the spotlight

Julie Turgeon / 2019

They’re not on the street yet, but it shouldn’t be long now. The new Vietnamese Cultural Center of Town of Mount Royal, founded at the end of 2017, without fanfare, has just begun its activities.

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