The Vietnamese Cultural Center

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The Vietnamese Cultural Centre of Canada is a non-profit organization. In order to fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives, the Center establishes and maintains relationships with individuals and public or private institutions. However, it is free of any ties.

Goals and mandate
Goals and mandate

The Vietnamese Cultural Centre of Canada was founded with the goal of establishing strong and lasting ties among cultures. Its mandate is to maintain a dialogue between Canadians and Vietnamese at heart or of origin.

The mandate of the VCC is threefold:
  • Education and teaching
  • Arts and cultural activities
  • Social and economic development

Board of Directors

Nguyễn Kim Phượng
Nguyễn Kim Phượng Founder and President (2017-)

“Daring to conjugate your future in the past tense”

Born in Saigon and arriving in Canada in 1975, Nguyễn Kim Phượng had spent her childhood torn between cozy comfort and stories lived on the margins of a bloody war.

Strongly backed by expertise gained from years of working in international development, she advocates and promotes artistic and cultural innovation by collaborating with vital forces in the field.

Nguyen Thi Bé
Nguyen Thi Bé Vice-president (2019-)

Thi Be Nguyen is the Executive Director for Canada of the Canada-ASEAN Business Council (CABC)

She has over 20 years of experience in the business community. For 10 years, she was a director in the office of the President of the National Bank of Canada. She managed a $25 million portfolio of pan-Canadian and international business and social engagements.

In 2016, she was named Personality of the Year 2015 in the TOP 20 of diversity in Quebec by the news agency Média Mosaïque.

Victor Afriat
Victor Afriat Secretary and Treasurer (2017-)
Responsible for strategic development

An experienced manager, he worked in the media industry from 1978 to 1988, then founded his own company which he managed until his retirement in 2016.

He also has over 40 years of involvement in various social and community organizations.

In 2017, he co-founded the Vietnamese Cultural Center. He is responsible for the planning and realization of the future House of the

Châu Kim Sanh
Châu Kim Sanh Director (2023-)
Member of the Communications Committee

Kim-Sanh Châu is a choreographer-performer and director. She has performed at the MAI, l’Arsenal, l’Écart, Tangente, and through several
international festivals, including SIDance (Korea) and Krossing-Over (Vietnam). In 2022-23, she danced with the companies Katie Ward, Carpe Diem /Emmanuel Jouthe and Mandoline Hybride.

Châu is also Co-Artistic and General Director of Studio 303.

Hau Kien Hoa Randy
Hau Kien Hoa Randy Director (2020-)
Member of the Finance Committee

Born in Vietnam, Randy Hau has been living in Canada for the past 40 years. He has been working in the field of information technology for the past 20 years.

“I have a heart for the Vietnamese culture. I would like to share it and make it known to my children and to all those who are interested in it. I would like to contribute to the VCC to help carry out projects to spread Vietnamese culture.”

Charles Brecard
Charles Brecard Director (2022-)
Member of the Ethics and Governance Committee

Charles Brecard is a contemporary dance artist. Originally from the Vietnamese diaspora in New Caledonia / Kanaky, he has been working since
2013 in Montreal / Tio’tia:ke as an independent choreographer, performer for several local companies and artists and shares his “FLUIDIFY” practice in workshops and professional training in Canada and in Europe.

Mc Gill University Vietnamese Students Association Guest member (2023-)

Each term, the Vietnamese Cultural Center of Canada (at the suggestion of the president) invites a youth organization to serve on its board of directors. MVSA takes over from Viet Youth Board (2021-2022).

Devenir mebre du CCV
Becoming a member

The Centre has three categories of membership: individual, family and corporate.

Annual dues are thirty dollars ($30) for an individual member, fifty dollars ($50) for a family member and one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) for a corporate member.

Each year, the members, meeting in general assembly, elect the Board of Directors.

To become a member, write to us.

The Center offers activities and events to discover Vietnam

Courses and workshops

Vietnamese language courses - Politics, culture and history of Vietnam - Adventure discovery

Cours de vietnamien

Cultural weeks - Cinema - Exhibitions