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A word from the president

During its first five years (2018-2022), the Vietnamese Cultural Center of Canada (VCC) has grown considerably and became for many a reference, a home, a place to share.

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we have equipped it with a new website, which reflects well its identity, its achievements, its activities, its projects, its objectives and especially the people who embody it.

Since its foundation, the Vietnamese Cultural Center aims to highlight the Vietnamese culture and its contribution to the Canadian culture. It wishes to showcase the vitality, creativity and diversity of artistic approaches amongst Vietnamese-Canadians or those Vietnamese at heart.

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Centre culturel vietnamien du Canada, un projet culturel et social, 2018-2022

The Vietnamese Cultural Center is a non-profit organization. To fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives, the Center establishes and maintains relationships with individuals and public or private institutions. However, it is free of all ties.

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The Center offers activities, events and travel packages to discover Vietnam

Decouvrir Espace Quebec

Espace Québec

Espace Québec is a meeting place for francophones on the campus of the University of Languages and International Studies of Hanoi.

It is a centre, in the Vietnamese capital, dedicated to the culture and creativity of Quebec, to the Canadian Francophonie, its education system, recreational possibilities and tourism.

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