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A word from the president

This report takes stock of our results, achievements and progress over 2023. It clearly illustrates the progress made over the years. To achieve and improve them, we first had to identify, quantify and compare them. That’s what you’ll find in these pages.

However, what gives me the greatest satisfaction is not this accounting. It comes from elsewhere, and cannot be quantified.

It comes from the pride I see in young people of Vietnamese origin who are rediscovering the language and culture of their elders, enabling them to renew a dialogue lost over time.

It comes from the happiness felt by adults, Vietnamese at heart, who appropriate the language and culture of their partner so as to be able to dialogue and share with their loved ones.

That, for me, is the outcome of our Vietnamese lessons.

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Edito ccv Rapport annuel 2023

The Vietnamese Cultural Center is a non-profit organization. To fulfill its mission and achieve its objectives, the Center establishes and maintains relationships with individuals and public or private institutions. However, it is free of all ties.

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Decouvrir Espace Quebec

Espace Québec

Espace Québec is a meeting place for francophones on the campus of the University of Languages and International Studies of Hanoi.

It is a centre, in the Vietnamese capital, dedicated to the culture and creativity of Quebec, to the Canadian Francophonie, its education system, recreational possibilities and tourism.

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