Culture and civilization: the challenges of the 21st century

From French colonization to the dawn of the 21st century, a look at the 70 years of war that have marked the 20th century and the consequences of these conflicts.

Drawing on Vietnamese, but especially French, American, Canadian and German sources, this course attempts to define what the 21st century will be like for the world’s 130 million Vietnamese.

Histoire du Vietnam

The course covers 8 periods:

  • French colonization
  • Vietnamese nationalism
  • The War of Independence or Indochina War
  • The American war or Vietnam War
  • The civil war
  • The end of the war
  • War between communists (Vietnam, Cambodia, China)
  • The Vietnamese at the dawn of the 21st century
Terms and fees

Please note that our courses are given in French only

8 lessons of 1:30 hour each
Online– Zoom class
300$ including taxes


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